About Us

about us


We are a family-owned company with 55 years of experience. Our goal is to bring business success through strategic teamwork with our experienced team. We distribute industrial parts and oilfield equipment. We have exclusive lines and brands that we market and sell in our territory. Synergy Barukh LTD is working together with our partners to expand their business growth in the national and international markets such as: Oil Field Equipment, Offshore Drilling Equipment, Industrial Equipment and Marine Equipment and any industry that needs spare parts, components and equipment.


♦ Effectively and rapidly serving our customers by providing effective procurement services of goods and parts, which are required for the proper functioning and maintenance of their plants.

♦ Distribute specific lines and brands and position them in the market that we serve.

♦ Establish commercial relationships with new ustomers throughout all of Mexico and Latin America  to lower the cost of goods, freights, duties and customs and therefore provide an integral service.

♦ Deliver the goods required by our customers in the least amount of time possible.

♦ Find our customers requested goods at the lowest price possible.

♦ Resolve emergency procurements and set up special procurement contracts.

♦ Establish strategic commercial relationships with other companies in order to develop business projects.

Core Values:

• Integrity

• Respect

• Excellence

• Service

• Loyalty

• Humility

• Generosity

• Equity

Industries we serve

• Metallurgical

• Mining

• Food

• Laboratories

• Automotive

• Metal Mechanical

• Oil and gas Drilling


  • Chemical

  • Electrical

• Medical

• Marine

• Agriculture

• Geothermal